Thursday, August 18, 2016


I have added Availability under the price of each item to make it easier for customers to see if the item they want is currently in stock or not. Please check this before you order since stocks have been updated as of this post.

I am ONLY taking orders in person from now on. You can purchase items by letting me know or someone that knows me in person so we can complete your order. I will also be having another book fair inshallah at a school in October 2016 so items will be available to purchase in person then.

I also have a few of the above board game which are perfect for family game nights. These are $20 each.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Favorite Books

I have my own personal library at home full of Islamic books that I enjoy reading so I thought I would share what books I LOVE and recommend. I will update this as more books become my favorites :) All the books below are available at Books by the Dozen! (Just check if they are currently in stock next to the price/condition of each book.)

1.  In The Early Hours by Khurram Murad
2. Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

Fiction for Teenagers
1. A Friendship Promise by Umm Zakiyyah aka Ruby Moore
2. Far from Home by Na'ima B. Robert

Fiction for Adults
1. The Eighth Scroll by Dr. Laurence B. Brown
2. The Size of a Mustard Seed by Umm Juwayriyah
3. Echoes (5 book series) by Jamilah Kolocotronis


Alhamdulillah the book fair was a success and many Islamic books were sold! InshAllah more Islamic books will be available at the next book fair on location ;)

I have updated what is still in stock. "Not in stock" will be listed next to the price or condition of a book so please be aware of that! As of now, I will continue to take orders ONLY in person, not online :)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

3 New Books, Back in Stock, Book Fair

3 new books have been added to the Fiction for Young Readers section. They are:
Layla Deen and the Case of the Ramadan Rogue by Yahiya Emerick
Ahmed Deen and the Curse of the Aztec Warrior by Yahiya Emerick
Jannah Jewels book 5 Courage in Cordoba by Umm Nura

More information about these books will be added soon inshallah.

As of December 13, 2015 ALL the books in the Nonfiction and Fiction for Young Readers sections are in stock! I have a limited quantity of each, so if you are interested, please make your purchases as soon as possible.

Finally, I will be at a book fair in a New Jersey school this week December 14-December 18, 2015. Please come and support Books by the Dozen by making purchases for yourself, your child(ren), or for gifts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Books/ Restock

New books and restocking will be done within the next few weeks inshAllah so check back soon for updates.

Monday, June 22, 2015

New in Young Readers

Jannah Jewels: Secrets in Spain (book 4) by Umm Nura is now AVAILABLE to purchase! For more info. on this book, go to the Fiction for Young Readers section here and scroll down.